Entwicklung Gerätekühlung robotisches Visualisierungssystem Systemkühlung Medizintechnik Operationssaal Systemdesign Simulation Konstruktion Lüfter

Development of the device cooling for a robotic visualization system

Through calculation, simulation, construction, and prototype construction, an optimal system design for the device cooling was developed.
konplan Bluetooth Schnittstellen Testsystem mobile Diagnosegeräte Bluetooth-Schnittstellen-Testsystems

Internationalization of User Interfaces

How developing a translation plugin to internationalize user interfaces leads to shorter development times.

Bluetooth interface test system for mobile diagnostic devices

How the development of a Bluetooth interface test system can ensure early problem detection even before market launch.

Medical analysis data from the mobile device to the hospital system

The project proposal was to design and develop Android operating system modules for communication between the mobile diagnostic devices and the hospital management system.
konplan Medical Cyber Security

Medical cyber security for medical analysis equipment

Our customer is a leading international company in the field of medical technology and develops medical analysis equipment for measuring blood sugar in the point-of-care area.
konplan Testsystem Drehschalter Modellreihe MR50 ELMA Embedded Systems Messtechnik

Testing system for the multi rotary switch MR50 from ELMA

ELMA is a global leader in embedded computing solutions.
Testing system for medical product

Development of the EOL testing system for breast pumps

Medela is a worldwide provider of innovative, research-based products for feeding babies with breast milk, as well as medical solutions for hospitals and clinical training.
Doctors examining a patient using a medical app

Remote monitoring for smart implants

A Swiss medical device startup is developing an active implant to support the orthopedic industry in the treatment of complicated bone fractures.

Implantable medical device for lymphedema treatment

Lymphatica Medtech SA is a young startup and is developing a minimally invasive product for the treatment of lymphedema.

Console for Controlled Flow Infusion (CoFITM)

CorFlow Therapeutics AG is a medtech startup based in Zug that is developing a new type of therapy for diagnosis and treatment of “microvascular obstructions” after a heart attack
AlveoliX Breather

Lung-on-chip System

Organs-on-chips are biotechnologically produced in vitro models that imitate the structure and function of human organs.