Internationalization of User Interfaces

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Our customer is an international company in the field of medical technology and manufactures a wide range of medical diagnostic devices which have been sold on the international market since 2008. These devices measure and analyze various parameters at the patient’s bedside. This requires translating the user interface text into each respective national language using a standardized translation tool. To provide the translators with a realistic representation of the device-specific display, konplan has developed a plugin that creates a detailed reproduction of the associated user interface for each device.

Representation and simulation on the user interface

For this project, konplan independently designed and implemented a translation plugin. The plugin is used during the development of medical diagnostic devices requiring text in different languages to ensure that the text of each respective language is properly displayed on the device-specific user interface (UI). Also, use cases for the devices can be simulated which guide the translator through the screen sequences and allow deeper consideration of the operational context of the translation. The project was performed as an independent, in-house project encompassing requirements analysis, initial concept, functional specifications, architecture, development planning, final testing, and documentation.

Efficient translations lead to shorter development times

Translators can use this plugin to translate user interfaces quickly, efficiently, and properly. Time-consuming correction loops or context errors caused by translated text that is too long are eliminated and, therefore, our customer shortens the device development and testing times.

  • Result
    • Visual translation environment for mobile medical diagnostic devices
    • Integration into software localization tool «SDL Passolo»
    • Client-Server application
    • Optimized time-to-market
  • Technologies & Methods
    • C#.NET
    • Android / Java
  • 12 months

  • 2 employees (konplan)

  • Analysis & idea generation, conception, development, launch, support & operations