Medical analysis data from the mobile device to the hospital system

Our customer is a leading international company in the field of medical technology and develops medical analysis devices for measuring blood sugar in the point-of-care area. These devices have been sold on the international market since 2022 and are used in a variety of ways. The project proposal was to design and develop Android operating system modules for communication between the mobile diagnostic devices and the hospital management system.

Software libraries as the key to success

For this project, konplan was engaged to deliver the self-designed and developed libraries for integration with the customer software. From initial concept through development planning and testing, this was performed as an independent, in-house project.

More market success through faster and secure data transfer

The key advantage for the customer is the minimal effort required to integrate the libraries with the product software. The defined interfaces make it easy, fast and, above all, secure. The communication protocols are secured with current encryption methods and the authenticity of all communication partners is ensured by certificates. In addition to quality and reliability, the variability is important: Since the software is delivered in the form of generic libraries, it is not limited to a specific project and can easily be used again whenever desired for a wide variety of development projects. This means that the requirements of the hospitals (as customers of our client) can be fulfilled, which provides a market advantage for our client.

  • Result
    • Easy & fast integration of generic software libraries with the hospital management system
    • Fulfillment of the requirements of our client’s customers (USP to market competitors)
    • Regulatory Compliance
    • Strengthening of market position
  • Technologies & Methods
    • Android / Java
    • POCT1-A Protocol
    • OpenAPI Specification
  • Scope of services
    • Requirements analysis
    • Concept creation & software architecture
    • Specification
    • Software development
  • 36 months

  • 4 employees (konplan)

  • From analysis & idea generation, conception, planning, development to implementation