konplan Radiometer Testsystem Sensoren

Test system for sensors of a transcutaneous monitoring system

Flexible and used in production on a daily basis: qualified test system for sensors of a transcutaneous monitoring system.
konplan testsystem Diagnostik

Renovation of test systems for laboratory automation equipment

Our customer is an international company for the development and production of laboratory automation systems.

Performing a code audit for software solutions

The Interregionale Blutspende SRK AG is a (non-profit) organization with its headquarters in Bern and 350 employees at 7 locations.

Development of a new type of eye laser

Pantec Biosolutions AG, a MedTech company in Liechtenstein, is developing an advanced eye laser (class IIb) for a US start-up which integrates a new treatment method for presbyopia.
Medical ophtalmology equipment for eyes check up. Eyesight tests.

Software development for an eye laser according to IEC 62304

A medium-sized Swiss MedTech company develops and markets innovative products for the diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases using a new type of eye laser.
Doctors examining a patient using a medical app

Remote monitoring for smart implants

A Swiss medical device startup is developing an active implant to support the orthopedic industry in the treatment of complicated bone fractures.

Implantable medical device for lymphedema treatment

Lymphatica Medtech SA is a young startup and is developing a minimally invasive product for the treatment of lymphedema.
Digital Heroes

Consulting for Software as a Medical Device (SaMD)

A range of products from Digital Heroes supports medical professionals on-site using mobile apps.

Console for Controlled Flow Infusion (CoFITM)

CorFlow Therapeutics AG is a medtech startup based in Zug that is developing a new type of therapy for diagnosis and treatment of “microvascular obstructions” after a heart attack
AlveoliX Breather

Lung-on-chip System

Organs-on-chips are biotechnologically produced in vitro models that imitate the structure and function of human organs.