Bluetooth interface test system for mobile diagnostic devices

How the development of a Bluetooth interface test system can ensure early problem detection even before market launch.
ecoPowerTrolley konplan ecocoach Elektrizität Energie Energiewende mobile Stromversorgung Serialisierung Serienproduktion Kunststoff Gehäuse Dichtungskonzept

SealLoader 4000 – Development of a new generation

How a new generation of the SealLoader offers up to 15% higher performance and is independent of the manufacturer.

Medical analysis data from the mobile device to the hospital system

The project proposal was to design and develop Android operating system modules for communication between the mobile diagnostic devices and the hospital management system.
konplan XOVIS Personenzählsysteme Easy Focus Automatisierung Schärferprozess Schärfen Linsenschärfer Durchsatz- und Qualitätssteigerung

ecoPowerTrolley – electricity available always and everywhere

How we reduced the housing costs and the effort involved in final assembly for the new ecoPowerTrolley from ecocoach AG.
konplan XOVIS Personenzählsysteme Easy Focus Automatisierung Schärferprozess Schärfen Linsenschärfer Durchsatz- und Qualitätssteigerung

Assembly Optimization and Sharpener Process Automation for People Counting Systems

Increased throughput and improved quality by assembly optimization and sharpener process automation for people counting systems.
konplan PEDeus PEDeDose CDS Clinical Decision Support Tool Arzneimitteldosierung Kinder Pädiatrie

Individualized medication for children using a clinical decision support tool

How "PEDeDose", an innovative, web-based Clinical Decision Support (CDS) tool, supports pediatric healthcare professionals in determining the optimal medication dosage.
konplan Medical Cyber Security

Medical cybersecurity for medical analysis equipment

Our customer is a leading international company in the field of medical technology and develops medical analysis equipment for measuring blood sugar in the point-of-care area.
konplan testsystem Diagnostik

Renovation of test systems for laboratory automation equipment

Our customer is an international company for the development and production of laboratory automation systems.
konplan Roboterzelle Gemü Automatisierung vollautomatische Nacharbeit

Fully automatic rework in the cleanroom: Optimization of a robot cell

The GEMÜ Group is an international company and a leading manufacturer of valves, measurement, and control systems for liquids, vapors, and gases.

Performing a code audit for software solutions

The Interregionale Blutspende SRK AG is a (non-profit) organization with its headquarters in Bern and 350 employees at 7 locations.

Flash adapter for flow meters

Endress+Hauser is a global leader in measurement instrumentation, services, and solutions for industrial process engineering.
konplan Testsystem Drehschalter Modellreihe MR50 ELMA Embedded Systems Messtechnik

Testing system for the multi rotary switch MR50 from ELMA

ELMA is a global leader in embedded computing solutions.