konplan Entwicklung mikrofluidische Kartusche Analysegerät Medizintechnik Multiparameter-Analysegerät Mikrofluidik Design Automatisierbarkeit Machbarkeitsstudie

Development of a microfluidic cartridge for an analytical device

After thorough material evaluation, the feasibility studies for a microfluidic cartridge of an analytical device were successfully verified.
Entwicklung Gerätekühlung robotisches Visualisierungssystem Systemkühlung Medizintechnik Operationssaal Systemdesign Simulation Konstruktion Lüfter

Development of the device cooling for a robotic visualization system

Through calculation, simulation, construction, and prototype construction, an optimal system design for the device cooling was developed.

Dry laundry – fast and energy-efficient

With the development of the new generation of tumble dryers, a sustainable, high-performance and aesthetically pleasing product has been created.
konplan Bluetooth Schnittstellen Testsystem mobile Diagnosegeräte Bluetooth-Schnittstellen-Testsystems

Internationalization of User Interfaces

How developing a translation plugin to internationalize user interfaces leads to shorter development times.
konplan Entwicklung automatische Kalibrierlösung Messtechnik Produktentwicklung PCB

Functional testing of PCBs in use

To test different product types in use, a customer-specific testing device was developed which is used by one of the customer's suppliers for quality assurance.
konplan Anbindung Geschirrspüler IoT Internet of Things Belimed Gehrig

Connecting dishwashers to the Internet of Things (IoT)

In this project, konplan developed the OOP firmware for a connectivity module that allowed connecting dishwashers to the Internet of Things (IoT).
konplan Entwicklung automatische Kalibrierlösung Messtechnik Produktentwicklung PCB

Development of an automatic calibration solution

How developing a custom calibration and adjustment device reduces calibration time from one hour to eight minutes.
konplan Radiometer Testsystem Sensoren

Test system for sensors of a transcutaneous monitoring system

Flexible and used in production on a daily basis: qualified test system for sensors of a transcutaneous monitoring system.

Bluetooth interface test system for mobile diagnostic devices

How the development of a Bluetooth interface test system can ensure early problem detection even before market launch.
ecoPowerTrolley konplan ecocoach Elektrizität Energie Energiewende mobile Stromversorgung Serialisierung Serienproduktion Kunststoff Gehäuse Dichtungskonzept

SealLoader 4000 – Development of a new generation

How a new generation of the SealLoader offers up to 15% higher performance and is independent of the manufacturer.

Medical analysis data from the mobile device to the hospital system

The project proposal was to design and develop Android operating system modules for communication between the mobile diagnostic devices and the hospital management system.
konplan XOVIS Personenzählsysteme Easy Focus Automatisierung Schärferprozess Schärfen Linsenschärfer Durchsatz- und Qualitätssteigerung

ecoPowerTrolley – electricity available always and everywhere

How we reduced the housing costs and the effort involved in final assembly for the new ecoPowerTrolley from ecocoach AG.