Despite the challenging market conditions, twelve new employees were welcomed to the konplan team in Rotkreuz this year. In 2007, when CEO Andy Tonazzi took over the German subsidiary company in a management buyout, the team consisted of 12 employees. There are now 65 intelligent minds working for the company.

To satisfy the additional space requirements, the management decided to create a new work environment on the information technology campus of the University of Lucerne in Rotkreuz. At Suurstoffi 2, new ways of using the spaces became available which are greatly appreciated by both customers and employees working on the latest innovation projects. In addition to the main office on the 12th floor, konplan has access to the university infrastructure – including training and creative rooms, workshops with 3D printers, laser cutters, milling and belt grinding machines as well as the foyer and auditorium for larger events.

For the recruitment of specialized employees, konplan will increase its collaboration with the University of Lucerne and the Switzerland Innovation Park Central to be in closer contact with the source.

Internationalization and additional expertise

Another milestone was also reached: konplan Deutschland GmbH was founded in Mannheim (D) on November 13, 2020. After intensive discussions with existing and future customers as well as many applicants, konplan is starting the new year with over 100 employees. Valuable experience and competencies in the fields of medical devices, point of care devices, embedded software and electrical engineering will complement the service portfolio of the innovation service provider konplan.

“With these investments, we have strategically positioned ourselves very well for the post-crisis period,” says owner and CEO Andy Tonazzi. “Of course, together with the processes, the values and culture must also be compatible. We are convinced that the canton of Zug is an ideal ‘home base’ for our future, and now international, success.”

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