The medtech industry is constantly changing, and the market is growing every year. This trend will continue – despite or even because of the Covid-19 crisis. Those who bring their innovations to the market most quickly and help reduce the adverse effects will emerge as winners from the crisis. For example, companies that are active in the development and manufacturing of diagnostic and ventilation devices.

This competitive situation reveals how important time-to-market is. The challenge: There are many obstacles for medtech companies to overcome on the path to market approval. Due to numerous regulations, the path to successful implementation resembles the thickest of jungles. From initial medical studies through product development, project management to certification, post market surveillance, and vigilance system design.

Directly from initial idea to market approval

Unfortunately, konplan doesn’t have any shortcuts through this regulated environment. However, thanks to our expertise, we can help you find your way through this jungle as quickly as possible and allow our customers to survive on the market for the long term with their own product ideas. Our goal is to afford you the opportunity to concentrate on your innovations. We master the challenges of the medtech jungle together!

Challenge accepted: paving the way for medtech innovations

The biggest obstacle is: No company is composed of the perfect team with all the skills required to implement the project.

We have identified a few characteristics that we consider critical to success:

  • Competencies: well-founded project and risk management, specific technical know-how, medical expertise, experience with usability and the regulated environment
  • Calculation and coordination: product idea – costs – business model
  • Quality and Safety first! Only a medical product that meets basic safety and performance requirements can save human lives and improve the quality of life.

The medtech jungle often appears impenetrable. The brilliant idea alone will not get you through it!

When is konplan the right partner?

Regardless of whether you want to revolutionize the market or simply improve established processes and products – knowledge and experience make us a competent guide for innovative projects. If the in-house skills are missing, the right partners can save lots of time and money.

From initial idea to market approval, our employees have been through the entire experience curve with successful medtech startups as well as with established medtech and pharmaceutical companies, including being part of the suffering and lessons learned.

Whether it is Embedded Systems Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Automation, or Software and Quality Engineering – we supply our know-how for your innovations and provide an interface to the essential partners of our network.

We are here for you – send us your request!

Developing together! We put your ideas into practice and accompany your projects until they are ready for the market. Get in touch with our experts now.