Time and again, companies fail because of deadlocked processes. Sometimes the attitude of “we’ve always done it this way” is the cause. In other cases, there is simply no room to step back for an objective point of view. Therefore, it is essential to periodically review and test the current structures and processes. For example, as part of a routine annual inspection. This allows us to identify and address current problem areas, and those that could potentially occur, at an early stage.

When a company is expanding, the adjustment of processes is even more urgently required. Because what works well for a small team may be totally incompatible with a growing number of employees. So, let’s be honest: Communication media is becoming more complex, the correct distribution of project roles requires more planning, and transparency is increasingly difficult when more people are involved in the processes.

This is exactly what we have seen at konplan. During the last 10 years, we have grown rapidly and transformed from a small medtech company in Switzerland into an influential international organization with additional offices in Germany. Our expansion was only possible with the knowledge that the organizational structures and business processes must also grow and continuously adapt to new conditions. We concentrated on projects because this is a major part of our business model.

A win-win situation for our internal business processes and customers

To maintain our high standard of quality during restructuring and continue to offer our customers a fair price-performance ratio in the future, we rely on continuous improvement of our project management processes. We bring our past experiences to the table and open team discussions about the relative processes and procedures.

We are very satisfied with the results obtained using several iterative steps to produce project management processes that fulfill both company and customer requirements in the best possible way:

  • Accurate resource assessment: Using established, standardized work packages and a precise roadmap, we can estimate costs, personnel expenditure, and time schedules with reliable accuracy. Experiences from completed projects make this possible.
  • Timely and uncomplicated project offers: Depending on the type of project, we can quickly adapt ready-made structural plans to your specific requirements. This saves time and effort in the planning phase.
  • Transparent, defined project management processes: Predefined quality standards; clearly specified project requirements. If there are changes during the project, they can be clearly identified as extra work and be handled with additional work packages or tasks. This provides a consolidated understanding of the project goals.
  • Strategic approach through clear distribution of roles: Responsibilities and authorities are assigned to each role – contract responsible person, project manager, project team member – to avoid unnecessary discussions and misunderstandings.

You can benefit from our project management experience

The review of our project management processes ensures that we can always apply our full potential to the main business emphasis. We would be happy for you to benefit from this experience. Regardless of whether it is a project request or an exchange between colleagues to optimize your own business processes – we are always available and look forward to your input!


Author: Samuel Farner

Business Unit Leiter Mechanical Engineering and Automation
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